The Team

Our SIMilili Team is a diverse group of seven students of the Master in Strategy and International Management (SIM) at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), striving to have a positive social impact with our work.

Namely we are: Elena (Germany), Dora (China), Daniel (Germany), Eva (Slovenia), Adam (Morocco), Franck (Switzerland), and Milosz (Poland)

Since 2017, a team of students from the University of St.Gallen works in a partnership with the Swiss charitable association “School4Life” to support underprivileged communities in Kenya. This year’s focus is the community of Matsangoni in the rural area of Kilifi in the south-east of Kenya. With reliable partners on the ground, we are working to establish a long-term focused community center that provides a school, sanitary facilities and a self-sustaining chicken farm. This will not only provide the children of Matsangoni with food and education, but also the community with a sustainable source of income.

We are beyond excited to take on this challenge and have the opportunity to make a sustainable impact on the future of Kenya and its people along the lines of nutrition, health and education.

Together with your contributions, we are convinced we can create a better future for Kilifi!

In oder to make our vision come to live, we are dependent on your contribution. All your donations will go directly to the people and children in Kilifi. We cover ourselves all the costs that might arise from this undertaking (e.g. flights, food etc.).

Name: Verein SIMilili
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