Pictures of past SIMilili team’s contributions

In 2016, for the very first SIMilili project, our student worked for the Kenyan CBSM school and boarding school that offers high-quality education to 800 orphans and children in need in Kimilili, Kenya.

Indeed, it is ranked 4thout of all the high schools in Kenya and it is a key central component of the development of the community in Kimilili. Children studying at CBSM have a diverse variety of dreams and ambitions, ranging from pilots to water engineers and doctors to singers and DJs.

CBSM school has been running since 2008 thanks to the support of School4Life, a Swiss non-project organization. However, it is largely dependent on donations which hinders its long-term sustainability. Thus, the aim of SIMilili was to support the school to generate own sources of income and reduce the dependency to generous donations.

Last year, another group of students build a chicken farm for an orphanage in Bunghoma with great success. Still today, the farm is up and running, producing a stable source of not only food for the children but also a revenue stream for the whole community.

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In oder to make our vision come to live, we are dependent on your contribution.
All your donations will go directly to the people and children in Kilifi. We cover ourselves all the costs that might arise from this undertaking (e.g. flights, food etc.).

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